Buffett (1995)

The Making of an American Capitalist.

Buffett (1995) tells the tale of Warren Buffett, from his humble beginnings as a boy with a paper route for the Washington Post to his success as one of the newspaper’s largest shareholder. But of course, that’s not all. Today, Warren Buffett is one of the world’s wealthiest people and one of its biggest philanthropists. Find out how he got there, and how he applies his unique mix of hard work, consistency and frugality.

Who should read these blinks?
  • Investors and traders looking for a role model
  • Stock market junkies
  • Students of business or management
Who wrote the book?

Roger Lowenstein is a journalist and Cornell University graduate whose work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. His books include the bestsellers The End of Wall Street and America’s Bank: The Epic Struggle to Create the Federal Reserve.

What’s in it for me? Follow the making of a legendary investor.

Besides Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett is probably one of the best-known billionaires in the world. With his low-key profile and homegrown style – he does his own taxes and wears slightly shabby suits – the “Sage of Omaha” is a beloved man, even among those who tend to have little sympathy for the super wealthy.

So who is Warren Buffett?

That’s what you’ll learn in these blinks. We follow Buffett from growing up in Omaha, through his early days in trading, to his years as the richest man in the world. And we get a glimpse of the unique investment sense he showed throughout his business life.

In this post, you’ll find out

  • that Buffett made his first stock trade as a child;
  • what investment philosophy has influenced all of Buffett’s investments; and
  • why Berkshire Hathaway is the company most associated with Buffett.

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