Night School (2014)

The Life-Changing Science of Sleep.

Night School (2014) is about an often neglected yet essential ingredient for happiness and success in life: a good night’s sleep. People have been struggling with sleep for centuries, and while we’ve come up with some methods for alleviating insomnia, we’ve also gained a lot of insight into why sleep is so crucial.

Who should read these blinks?
  • Insomniacs desperate for a good night’s sleep
  • Workaholics who think sleep is overrated
  • Readers wondering why they have nightmares
Who wrote the book?

Richard Wiseman is a professor at the University of Hertfordshire and one of Britain’s most acclaimed psychologists. He is celebrated for making complex concepts accessible to the general public through his popular YouTube videos and his best-selling books, such as 59 Seconds and Quirkology.

What’s in it for me ?

When people talk about how to improve their lives, the most typical goals include losing weight, being more mindful, exercising more, eating healthier or simply becoming a better person in general. But how often have you heard someone make a New Year’s resolution to get better at sleeping?

It might sound like an excuse to be lazy, but sleep is a key process for the body that influences our ability to achieve other goals. But how do you get better at sleeping?

These blinks will look at what happens to us when we sleep, and when we don’t, as well as the key factors that can improve or impair your sleep. It’s time for a bit of Night School.

In this post, you’ll learn
  • why only 15 percent of people get the amount of sleep they think they need;
  • how sleeping badly can even have an environmental impact; and
  • what the most important factors are for better sleep.

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